Skateboard Pads

Skateboard Pads

If you’re just learning to skate or snowboard, protective gear is a necessity. Skateboarding takes practice, and some falls are inevitable – even pros are going to take some spills on the streets, and limiting the impact to your body and avoiding injury means you can get back on the board sooner and skate longer. When thinking about purchases related to your skating career or hobby, skateboarders should know their options when it comes to skateboard pads and other protective products.

Should you wear pads when skating?

Injuries are no fun, and they can keep you from doing the things you love. If you skateboard, snowboard, bike, or play roller derby, especially at high speeds, you already know that you need these items, because the more daring you are, the greater chance of wiping out, and nobody wants to be laid up with a serious injury. A purchase of knee or elbow pads now can mean more time on your snowboard or skateboard later.

What skateboard pads do you need?

If you plan to purchase skateboarding or snowboard pads, the first step is to assess your needs and familiarize yourself with what’s out there – product descriptions, manufacturer, brands, material, shipping info, and more. If you’re lucky enough to have a skate shop in your area, going in to look at the gear and get information from somebody who knows what they’re talking about is the best shopping experience, especially if you’re a newer customer. But for many, online / website shopping and shipping these items to your location might be the only option.

There’s a wide selection available in terms of style and composition, so keep in mind:

  • Fit / Size
  • Material
  • Reviews / Recommendations
  • Logistics like shipping info, store pickup, economy shipping, return policy, etc.
  • Personal Preference

For protective products, you’ll want, at minimum, a skateboard helmet, an elbow pad set, and knee pads. Gloves and wrist guards offer additional protection and are a good investment if you’re trying out new tricks or skating at high speeds.

skating at high speeds

Knee pads are especially important to bowl and vert skaters, because if you get in trouble, you can drop to your knees and slide it out. But you need knee pads that fit impeccably so they won’t slip off when you need them most, and they should have thick plastic plates to protect the knee.

After the knee, elbows take the most abuse, especially when skaters are learning to drop in. Elbow pads can save your arms from everything from scrapes to broken bones, so these items are worth adding. Like knee pads, fit is important for elbow pads – tight-fitting straps ensure they stay where you need them.

To find the correct size for elbow pads and knee pads, skaters should use a tape measure on their arms and legs. Start about four inches above and below the knee and elbow, record the width, and then consult the size chart for options. Keep in mind that foam, straps, compression fabric, and so on will stretch out with time.

Type and Style of Skateboarding Pads

After determining fit, consider the style options for skateboard or snowboard pads. They fit into two basic categories:

Standard pads are the usual type and provide the most protection. They utilize foam, nylon material, and Velcro straps to protect the elbow and knee. These skateboarding pads are also a good choice for youth / kids because the straps allow for some adjustment.

Sleeve-type skateboard pads are less obtrusive options that can be worn under clothing. They also use foam and offer some protection from impact but less from abrasions. These pads are more for experienced skateboard riders than beginners.

What are the best skateboard pads?

Like choosing a skateboard, choosing pads is subjective. Consider price, size, and style, and then talk to friends, other skaters, or read online reviews. A skate / snowboard store is an excellent source for opinions about pads prior to making a purchase. Brands like 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8, and Pro Tec are favorites for knee pads and other gear.

Knee Pads and More Protective Gear for Snowboard and Skateboard Riders

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